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Acne Series

Acne is usually caused by an increase in male sex hormones accrue by people of both genders during puberty. The occurrence of acne may continue into adulthood.

Stimulated by male hormones, oil glands come to life around adolescence, Sebum (oil) is secreted to lubricate and protect the skin. When cells close to the skin surface block the openings of sebaceous glands, a buildup of oil underneath occurs thus stimulates bacteria to multiply, causing inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

TouchNature s Acne Series are formulated with natural essential oils which have prominent effect in reducing inflammation of the skin and promote healing of acne.

NOT consist of steroid and antibiotic, TouchNatures Acne Series are gentle and moisturizing in nature, skin condition will be benefited when use regularly.


Types of soap in this series :

Ø        Rosemary & Juniper Soap for adolescent

Ø        Chamomile Soap for adult

Ø        Lemon Grass Soap for oily skin type person