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Athlete's foot Series

Tinea Pedis is the scientific name for athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a very common skin infection of the foot caused by a fungal infection. Anyone can get athlete's foot, because it is spread easily from person to person by direct contact with the fungus or the skin cells from an infected person.


Symptoms of Athlete's foot can include skin scaling, flaking, and itching of the affected skin. Blisters and cracked skin may also occur, leading to exposed raw tissue, pain, swelling, and inflammation. 


TouchNature’ s Athlete’s Foot Series are formulated with natural Myrrh, Skipendard and Tea tree essential oils, both have prominent effect in relieving and improve healing the discomfort of Athlete’s Foot skin problem.


NOT consist of steroid, anti bacterial, anti parasitic and anti fungal  TouchNature’ s Athlete’s Foot Series are gentle and moisturizing in nature, skin condition will be benefited when use regularly.